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Global trade has been one of the major reasons for the rapid growth of developed and developing countries worldwide. Like other geographical areas and strategic locations of some cities in the United States, Miami has become the most important and relevant city for export and import in Latin America, and other countries in the world. Due to the tremendous increase of trade from Miami, Florida, Coletti International Corp. was established in 1995 to serve the needs of the maritime agencies, steamship lines, port operators, stevedoring, transportation, construction, and mining industries, as well as manufacturers and distributors.

Coletti's professionalism in the international trade, and expertise in the domestic and international transportation industry, makes the perfect combination to provide an efficient team-work which will certainly benefit our customers. Our computerized system, integrated list of suppliers, experience in the freight forwarding service, and our business development approach are the main tools which allow us to be very competitive in the domestic and international markets. Coletti International's. scope of services aim the company to be successful in today's business environment.


Our goal is to work for success, to create healthy development for the company, and to always be able to exceed the expectations of our customers and team-work. Coletti International Corp. is a pro-active company, constantly exploring alternatives in order to provide you the greatest degree of products and services reliability and to avoid unexpected situations. Our strategy is to offer the customers what they want, through competent, committed and internationally minded employees, who deliver quality making features of products and services, as clear as possible.


- Leonardo D'Agostini, President

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and lived his childhood and teenage years in the Dominican Republic with his family. In 1991, he moved to Miami, Florida where he completed his high education and established as a professional.

As President and founder, in 1995, of Coletti International Corporation, his responsibilities include developing the vision for the company, overseeing marketing and customer service performance, seeking business opportunities, creating strategic alliances, and identifying new markets and corporate scope.

In 2001 Mr. D'Agostini founded, holding the position of President, GMA Capital Inc., an equipment rental and leasing company. Prior to his entrepreneurship spirit, he served as Sales Executive for Danzas Corporation (currently DHL Danzas), an international freight forwarding company. He also was employed by IBC and Federal Express Corporation. He is very active traveling throughout the United States and Latin America .

Mr. D'Agostini graduated from Apec University in the Dominican Republic with a B.B.A. in 1991. He successfully completed an International Marketing Program from Florida International University in 1993, a Certification in Principles of Leasing from the Equipment Leasing Association in 2003, a Real Estate Investment Certification from AIN in 2005, and an Executive Program in Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making from Harvard Business School in the same year.   


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